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Closing Day

It is almost time for congratulations. On this day you will have a “final walk-through” to inspect the property and make sure it is ready for you to move in!

Prior to this day we will guide the buyers that we represent through the process of setting up the utilities in your name to occur after the closing is complete.

We are ready to assist you should an unforeseen glitch comes up, even at this last stage. Something at the property breaks down or some other minor details. No need to worry. We have encountered issues like these before and we know how to handle them efficiently and in a stress-free manner to get to the closing table.

The closing attorney will furnish all parties involved with a settlement statement, which details the financial transactions in the process. Both buyers and sellers will sign this statement, as well as the closing attorney who certifies its accuracy. For financing, you will have to sign pertinent documentation required by the lending institution.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled closing, arrangements can be made depending on the circumstances.

The seller will arrange to have all property keys and other important information for you at the closing.


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